I wnat my certificate in hard copy?

I want my certificate in hardcopy, with a legal stamp. I want to get a job in my country. Ethiopia. To get job in Ethiopia The programmer must have a hard copy certificate to get a job. in Ethiopia. what shall I do?

freecodecamp doesn’t offer this. The certificate you get is the one found in your profile.

Are you sure freecodecamp is legally recognised? Even if you had an hard copy, if it is not recognised, the certificate would be useless.

The reason why I think freecodecamp is legally Recognized because. I see donation page that they say’s if you donate them they give us tax-dedication. receipt.
do you think that freecodecamp is not legally Recognized.?
where is freecodecamp found?
is it in united state or not?
is freecodecamp a campany or simply personal website.?

FreeCodeCamp is a nonprofit company, as such, donations have the usual tax-benefit

I am asking if it is recognised there as an education body, considering it is self-paced, free, and there is no grading.
The usual suggestion is to not use freecodecamp certificates as your only way to show that you know some coding. You should use your portfolio, and show your projects to show you know how to code.

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where is freecodecamp main office. is it in the united state.?
how to download my certificate in to my local computer. as a word or pdf.?

I don’t think there is a main office, it seems the few employers work remote. But it is a USA nonprofit.

how to download my certificate in to my local computer. as a word or pdf.?

you can use the “print page” feature of the browser and choose the pdf creator

the Donation page is on the same page with my certificate and when i print. donation page prints with certificate. how i remove donation part from certificate.
i ask this kind of questions because there is a job here in my country if i will get this certificate.

then you are printing the wrong thing

open the certificate when you are not logged in

it is not working for me.
Please download it and send me at my email.
here is the link. https://www.freecodecamp.org/certification/fccd18a74f2-17bb-44ef-99e0-31d78ce7bfd6/responsive-web-design

I am not going to do that. Open that link while you are not loggen in to freecodecamp and you will not see the donation message.

But really, that certification would not be enough.
Most front-end jobs want at least a framework, and that means you need to study Javascript before even starting to look at frameworks.
At this point you are asking a company to hire you so that they can train you.

And if they ask you to show what projects you completed to get this certification… do you want to show them your projects as they are? With syntax errors, and all?


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Thank you for your help

I agree. I took a screenshot of my certification for the simple purpose to recall some of my milestones.

The employer most likely will want see my projects on my portfolio that demonstrates what I know and what I can do to help on their company.

“Show, don’t tell”

As writer, I know the importance to show with actions rather telling with nouns to describe the elements of the story. I apply it on coding too.

@solWeb, I don’t know where is the FF’s office neither, but I believe some of the Staff most likely work remotely.

Have a great week!

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My university degree will be my portfolio.


that’s not a portfolio, a portfolio should show what you can do

your degree will go in the curriculum vitae

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