I would appreciate feedback on my tribute challenge - Nikola Tesla

Thank you in advance for taking the time to look at my tribute project.

A few notes:

  1. You have numerous repeating dates the say “blah blah blah”. I would suggest to go back and remove these and spend a little more time adding real info to that timeline,
  2. There is a script tag in your css. You should put all javascript in the js tab, but since this script actually does nothing, you should just delete it.
  3. Style tags in the html tab. All your style tags should be in your css tab.
  4. No head tag. You should get in the habit of always including a head tag.
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Thanks for your input

  1. placeholder text
  2. not up to javascript yet…newbie…good point-'preciate it
  3. have to figure that one out - nothing anywhere said that was bad form…thanks
  4. never was mentioned in basics. thanks

gots lots to learn - but if you need your power fixed…

I think I replied to myself - I meant to reply to you generous input