I would appreciate some feedback on my Tribute page!

Tribute page for a popular calligrapher

I used Wikipedias random article generator and made my page for the first person that came up, making this project doubly educational for me haha. I would appreciate some feedback please!

Looks great. However, I usually have a rather odd browser width on my desktop PC. And on my screen, The first part of the sentence from the Outro area is cut off for me. My browser width is 1200. You can check yours here. I can’t seem to see the problem in the code, so I don’t really know why it does this.

I like the style :sparkles: however if I scale down the browser window…

Also, I would like you raise your awareness about accessibility:

Thank you very much!! My browser is 1280x635. Ill have to investigate and see if i can find a way to fix that.

Thank you very much ! I am going to try to see if I can figure out how to avoid the overlapping. It took me forever just to figure out how to make that stupid line haha.

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