I would ask for help resetting my progress on FCC

Having read other, similar topics, I know that people suggest not doing this, using the lessons as fallback, however that does not meet my immediate needs. I need to reset my FCC progress, and would like help in doing this. I’m still new to the program, so it should not take much or long to accomplish, but I have firmly decided this is the route I wish to go. To be clear, I just wish to have the section that I’ve started, Responsive Web Design, reset, so that I can retake all of the lessons.

I would also ask/suggest that there be some mechanism built into the site that allows us to reset our progress without event or having to ask as I’m sure it’s time that the mods could be doing other things to help the community.


It is always an option to just clear your browser cache and re-do all of the challenges.

I appreciate your response, however, having done this, having cleared cache for my browser, as well as site cookies, for the site prior, this did not reset the lessons that I needed reset. I still need to have the section reset, for my account. Thanks

The lessons are still checked off, but the should be absolutely nothing preventing you from just re-doing them.

I appreciate you trying to help, but I’m hoping a site admin can help from here on out with my request. Thanks

I just don’t understand. You can repeat the lessons at any time. If you are only part way into the Responsive Web Development certification, why do you need to waste time waiting for someone to manually reset your entire account rather than just redoing the lessons (and projects, if applicable)?

You can certainly wait, but it will offer zero benefit that just re-doing lessons provides.

Please stop. Unless you are an admin of the site, you don’t need to understand, and I don’t need to explain why I’m asking for my lessons to be reset. I asked before, I’ll ask again. Please stop commenting, and let an admin help. Thank you.

Ok. It can take some time, but if you absolutely require your user data to be clobbered, you’ll want to email support@freecodecamp.org, as you may have read from the other threads that you mentioned.

Alternatively, you can delete your entire account and re-create it.

You can reset the progress for your account in the settings, but it is not possible to reset a single section

Ahhh, right, there is a ‘reset all data’ button next to the ‘delete account’ button nowadays that effectively deletes and re-create your account, if I understand it correctly.

Thank you for your help, I found what you referenced and was able to reset. :slightly_smiling_face:

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