I would like some advice to get a better job, money does not reach me

Hi everyone, my name is Jacobo, I’m 19 years old and I’m from Venezuela. I am learning web development, (my English is elementary).
With the knowledge I have learned during this journey, I believe that I have the bases and could achieve great things.

I wanted to consult you and ask for your support if, based on my level, I could apply for better jobs and where I could find them …

I am currently working as IT in a digital marketing agency, design, web development in Panama (Yes, I thought my dream would come true) but they are only paying me $100 per month (it will be $1.200 per year ). Is it too little to take maintenance of web pages of several clients? all hosted on the Shopify platform.

What I do:
Responsible for the web pages, managing the Shopify platform, modifying the template code to improve details or changes that the client needs (modify the template), inventory management, etc.

The truth is that I do not have anyone to share my fears or doubts, I hope the community can help me or help me get a better job where I can learn better web development with a team. Since my boss does not value the knowledge.

Will I pass my CodePen and Github account so that you can evaluate what I have learned, and tell me if I have the level to earn more than $ 100 per month? I feel that I need to change jobs, but I do not know where, or how.

I await your response, sometimes I enter into crisis and I think it is time to share my story with you.

The most shocking thing is that I earn more than my mother. And one of the reasons why I want to get a better job is to help my family doing what I like! every day I study on my own to be a better web developer.

Look my friend, freelancing might be your answer. If you market yourself well, you could charge maybe 35$ an hour.
You need to build a portfolio and do the right things to get the clients. I have heard these things from Gurus.

As for your current job. 100$ a month is little but it is something. If it is sustaining your needs then happiness is not attached to money.

There are courses you can take to better market yourself. Youtube could help too.
Best wishes.

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Not sure exactly what I can say on the matter as I am do not necessarily know how much counts for a good wage in Venezuela, however $100 a month seems very little.

In the UK a junior position is generally anything from the minimum wage (£16,000 a year) to around £30,000 a year. That is generally from about £50-100 per day (Around $75-135). Hopefully someone else will be able to say if that goes for American jobs or not.

You certainly have the skillset to be earning more than that in my mind, but this unfortunately comes back down to your personal situation. Are there many web developer jobs in Venesuela? What is the market like?

If you have experience with Shopify then I think it would be wise mentioning that they have a partnership scheme, where you sign up and earn money back from them whenever you recommend/build someone a Shopify site. Could be something to look into?

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Thanks @Mubashirullah , I think that would be the best option, have I got pages like Upwork or Freelancer, are they good to start with? Also check the Indeed page, to see if I can get a small-scale job to start gaining a better experience. The only fear I have is that sometimes I feel that I am not good enough to enter the world of work as a freelancer, is there a way to overcome the imposter syndrome?

Thanks for answering, I’m glad to know that there are people in the community who are waiting to help

Hello @JABedford Thank you for your opinion, now I have a clearer picture of my situation, and seeing it from that point, the jobs here pay are very bad.

There is something in me that wants to take a step or jump to something better, I’ve been looking for jobs in Indeed as a junior developer. But I have a problem with my confidence, I feel that I need to be more advanced?

I really thank you very much for your answer, I do not currently have anyone to share my situation and it is the first time I post in a forum for recommendations. I hope to meet contacts and friends here.

My goal for now with all the thought is to find a remote job, in a country where the pay is something good for my position as an apprentice. Entering freelance gives me a lot of fear of failure.

Would you recommend applying for a job in Indeed with the knowledge I have?

Thanks again for your answer :slight_smile:

I would advise applying for a job on Indeed with the knowledge you have, absolutely. You have nothing to lose my friend, yet everything to gain.

Concerning your last post, Upwork is a decent enough site. There are some better ones, such as peopleperhour and freelancer which allow you to build more of a personal portfolio to show off your work. Play carefully though, and stay savvy. I got completely ripped off the first job I got on there, not saying that is likely to happen…

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