I would like some feedback on a side project I have built


ooh i love minesweeper! but how do I play? I clicked on the link and it showed me a bunch of files… can I get some guidance?

oh nevermind, I just realized the first link is the game.

ok first problem, how do I pick an appropriate width/height ratio to number of mines?

For eg. 5x5 and 99 obviously doesn’t work.

Can you add a drop down with some ‘beginner’ / ‘advanced’ type choice so I can just click that and go to the game?

Further feedback:

  • looks like the game works very well
  • there’s a typo in one of the messages with a mispeled ‘please’
  • i think the minesweeper boxes could be a bit bigger (more satisfying to the player if they were a bit bigger)
  • the message box at the bottom is not ideally placed, maybe you can put it towards the top or the side on bigger screens?
  • maybe instead of black on gray (your game-board is gray and the mines appear as black squares) you can use different colors or even some icons or emojiis? (eg. maybe the game board can be a lighter shade of gray and flags posted can be yellow , mines red?)
  • maybe try some shading on the grid squares to make the squares appear more 3d (to make your game slicker in how it looks)

You could probably post this on codepen and have a nice reaction to it there too.