I would like some feedback on a touch typing practice app ( react/redux )

Hey folks. I’ve built my first react/redux application and as the title says I would like to get some constructive feedback from you guys :slight_smile: . Here’s is a live demo.


Very cool, made me realize (again) I need to fix up my typing skills, my wpm is an abysmal 62.

my best so far has been only 62 lol :smiley:

For some odd reason it really triggers you to keep trying to get higher, really awesome! It would be even more interesting if you would have “the computer” typing in different color at a certain rate, that is slightly higher than your previous score. BTW got to 83 :slight_smile:

[quote=“BenGitter, post:5, topic:38173”]
It would be even more interesting if you would have “the computer” typing in different color at a certain rate, that is slightly higher than your previous score
[/quote] cool maybe I’ll add that in the future. Right now I’m thinking maybe about creating a back end so that the user scores would get saved to the db and after that maybe make a leader board. Any thoughts? If anybody wants to join in on the fun of making this happen, let me know :smiley:

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This is addictive :smiley: . My wpm plays around 60, and the highest I got is 68.

Hey guys. I’ve been working hard for the past week or so and now finally the backend is done and the app is ready for another round of testing :smiley: Let me know what you think and I want to see some new names on the leaderboard :smiley:
p.s. You can use fake email when signing up, there’s no validation to check if it’s real or anything.

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Awesome! :grinning: :smile:

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This is slick, very nice job.
I really dig the clean and simple design and interface.

Just a couple of things that were not perfect (but still great :smile:) from my experience :

  • After I log in I have this “Logged in successfully!” alert message, which is great, but it sticks around even if I change view and what not. I have to manually dismiss it. I think removing it automatically after I have clicked to change the view would be a bit better.
  • my “Best” wpm shown in the top right nav-bar is actually not my best, but my best below 100 ! I have killed it with a 125 wpm and 100% accuracy but the program maybe thought I cheated ? :smile:
  • when I am viewing leaderboard or results and then click on the practice button, it will stay grayed out and not be highlighted like the other 2. If I click Practice again when I am in the practice view, it will then highlight as expected.

as far as other features go, these are really for the cherry on top, but :

  • maybe add a column for the date of the entry in the leaderboard table ?
  • a “ghost view” of your previous best on a given text when trying again would be amazing, it is a bit like what BenGitter had suggested, but you would be fighting against your previous best. I have played similar (offline) apps in the past that had this, but I totally understand that it would be long and hard to implement.

Overall it looks like a really good idea for an app for nerds, and a really cool implementation :slight_smile: nice !


You are too fast… :wink:

cool tnx for the feedback :slight_smile:

  1. yeah I agree about the flash message not going away, I’ll get to that next.
  2. that’s interesting that it’s not showing your best score above 100, definitely going to look into that. It shows up in the leader board so it should also have shown in the nav-bar.
  3. yeah I knew about that one already but figured it’s not that important to spend my time in fixing :smiley:


  1. I thought about adding the date column for the leader board but it just seemed unnecessary and like it would get too cluttered.
  2. as for the ghost view, I’m not really sure about how to implement something like that :smiley: I’ll have to think about this one.
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Cool, I was just being picky really :slight_smile: the app is really well done already. The only actual bug would be the best score under 100 issue.


I think it’s fixed now :slight_smile:

Indeed, brilliant :slight_smile:

Wow! It’s cool. Take it from me! Kudos!

ty :slight_smile: how come I don’t see your name on the leader board? :smiley:

I’m kinda the last guy there…slow i tell you

have to start somewhere :slight_smile: 2 weeks ago before I started making this app I wasn’t able to type my own name without looking at the keyboard :smiley:

I added a bit of a polish to the app and changed some things around so let me know that you guys think :smiley:

I absolutely loved your app.It is so addicting.Excellent…!!:+1:

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