I would like to change my app from context to redux in react app

Hi everybody. I recently made this app, its not finished but i also want it in redux. Does anybody have an idea how can i change the state management from context to redux?

Hello there,

What exactly are you confused about?

If you want to include Redux, and remove the use of Context, then, that is that.

If you do not know about Redux, then I suggest something like:

Or, the official Redux Docs.

Personally, I find Redux a lot neater than Context, but it does depend on the developer, and the app. Also, there are many discussions about Redux not being a drop-in replacement for Context - they accomplish things in slightly different ways.

So, if you want Redux in your app, add it. If you want context out of your app, remove it. As we do not do the work for you, without a more specific question, that is all I can advise.

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