I would like to make my text using html white and I don't know how

I don’t know why my questions earlier were never answer unless I am asking stupid questions.

Bro like this,

html, body {
   color: white;    

Are you new to Development?

yes i am very new and I was beginning to think I was being shunned everyone else’s questions were answered today except the two I asked earlier. thank you very much for not letting the world be too cold.

Hey! It seems you’re new to this. Welcome!
You can use an Asterisk to select all content then give it a color property and value.

color: value;

Bro, Start from right Youtube Channels. By the way FreeCodeCamp is best to learn Front End, here you learn by doing.

I am sorry your suggestions for some reason didn’t work.

As i have been saying over, and over on your topics….

If you have a question about code then you need to share what code you have. You probably would of got an answer and solution that worked by now if you would share your code. Im not sure why you are against sharing the code for us to see and help with

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