I would love feedback on My Ada Lovelace Tribute page

Hi, and thanks for looking!

Ada Lovelace Tribute


I just realized that the filigree around the name doesn't scale okay for mobile. I guess I will have to figure out how to fix it. Everything else did fine though!

Hi there! Only thing I would add is to remember to use target blank if you want links to open in a new page instead of inside of your codepen.

Maybe you could add more margin or padding around your bulleted list so that it lines up with your header.

Thank-you for the responses! I have updated accordingly. It's the little things that count, right?

I actually rebuilt my page using only bootstrap and skipping a lot of custom CSS, just to compare. It is here. I am only about 3 months in to web development. I took a RoR bootcamp a few years back, but it didn't really stick. In retrospect, I should've learned the basics first.

By the way, I am so grateful for this community. I feel like I can really make this happen.