I would love to hear some feedback

Completed Technical Documentation Page.
I started learning Coding 2 weeks ago through FreeCodeCamp, and till now completed Responsive Web Designing course. and also 4 projects, I am working on next one but before that I would love to hear some words from community, and if need any improvement I will implement in next one.

Technical Documentation
for previous projects, head towards my codepen profile

Hi @ShahzarMazhar !

I think your project looks good.

Just a couple of things from me.

I would keep working on variable names.
Especially when you get to javascript, you want your variable names to be descriptive so other developers understand what that variable is.

For example, here

    --dark-color: #3f3f3f;
    --color-white: #f5f5f5;
    --color-not-white: #e9e9e9;

dark-color and color-not-white are bad variable names.
Is it a dark grey, red, blue?

I really like tailwind css’s approach to naming colors.

You could do something like this


That way when you start working on larger projects, you can create a separate stylesheet for the different shades of colors you are working with and other developers will know what those variables mean.

Another thing to notes is I would avoid using inline styles.
For example

 <section class="main-section" id="About_SSH" style="margin-top: -5em;">

You should practice separation of concerns and keep your html and css code in separate files.

Also, remember that inline styles take precedence over external style sheets.

You could get into a frustrating debugging situation where you try to change some styles in your css but it is not working. Then you realize it is not taking effect because you have applied inline styles for that element and that is why your changes are not showing up.

Overall, it is just best to keep them seperate.

Hope that helps!

oh wow!
Thank you so much.

I will work on it.

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