I wrote a story about how scared I am of making decisions on software when I'm developing

This is the link to my story (click me!).

It’s essentially about how overwhelmed I feel whenever I make decisions about what to use to get anything done development wise. I know I probably shouldn’t worry about it now, but I wanna figure out what to do so I won’t have trouble making decisions later.

If you guys have any responses such as criticism or how to make the right decisions outlined in the story, then feel free to post them here instead of as a comment!

Thank you!

Fun read. My advice is just use what works best for you, and don’t worry about picking the “right” option.

I think you’re wasting neurons worrying about these things. Each person’s ideal environment will change several times in their journey. If I haven’t changed, then I’d still be using FrontPage 97 and HotDog today (BTW, Hotdog was the shizzle king back in the day!)

What’s “right” for one person may not be “right” for another. Pick the tools you’re comfortable, and enjoy using. And nothing is set in stone, you can always change/swap/replace/upgrade later a few years down the road as your needs and preferences changes.

A few direct comments on the topics you’ve raised (subjective: my preferences)

  1. OS – who says you can only use one? Truth is some tools are only available on Windows, and some tools are only available on OSX. Ubuntu?.. I just use it for it’s browser to test completed sites/projects.

  1. Text Editors – FREE is good in my book. And there’s plenty of FREE options to choose from. Within the last 3 months though, I’ve settled/migrated to Visual Studio Code on OSX. On the Windows side, I’m using Visual Studio 2017. If you asked me just last year, I’m a Sublime/Brackets (OSX) and VS 2015 (Win) guy. I don’t have any loyalty.

  2. Web Browsers – I test my client’s projects on all of them. Plus, I also test them on iPhone, iPad, Win8 tablet, Android phone & tablets, Nook, Kindle devices. During development, Chrome is my default though. Have 32GB RAM, you’ll have plenty enough for everything… even simultaneous running virtual OS. (The screenshot above uses 4GB, with Windows, Ubuntu running, Email, 2 Chrome browsers, Sourcetree, Photoshop running… I still have 28GB free left).

  3. Terminal – most editors have integrated terminal within them (like VS Code). Any which Terminal program you use, you end up on the same place anyway. I just use my terminal for npm installs and brew update/upgrade… and running dotnet commands (new, build, run). Most of the time, I stay on the GUI land.


Thank you for the advice! I’m glad you like the article!

Wow! That looks like a busy desktop you’ve got there!

I didn’t know you could use Visual Studio as a code editor, I just think of it as an IDE. Anyways, thanks for your input, along with some insight to your workflow!

I just arranged it so you can see what’s possible. I have VS on full screen. Plus I have 3 monitors so the browser and git windows are elsewhere.