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Hello @AlexakaCardi
It depends on the frameworks you have used with JS. Yes, with the skills you have you can build a website. If the website has back end functionality which it should, you will need to know NodeJS. But since you know JS, this wouldn’t be much of a challenge.

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The 3 languages you mentioned happen to be my bread and butter - JavaScript the least of the 3. I’ve made many sites to add to my portfolio, and so can you. It seems you have a lot to be confident in.

For anything you don’t know, there is always a way to compensate. For example, despite my knowledge in other languages, my brain cannot understand PHO (at least not well) which would prevent me from making forms, but there are services such as Cognito Forms that allow you to easily design and integrate into any site for a nominal cost.

I’ve also made use of other people’s skills. There is nothing wrong with contracting work and it is a helpful strategy. Just charge enough to meet their fee and add a little more so you can profit.

In the end you only need your bases covered and a strategy to cover what you don’t know. Keep learning, and help others learn what you now and you’ll do well for yourself.

Good luck,


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*PHP, not PHO - autocorrect…