Iam new and i need help please

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iam new and i need help please .

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Challenge: Install and Require Helmet

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We are here to help. But we need more information.

Generally, the more specific the question, the better answers you will get, both in quantity and quality.

Start simple. Pick one thing that is confusing you and ask it in clear language.

how can i finish this ?

Hi @mishosalman410 !

Welcome to the forum!

We don’t know what you are struggling with.
Can you please provide your replit link?

The challenge wants you to install a specific version of the Helmet package.
Did you do that?
Did you install the correct version?

not yet i need a link

You need to be more specific. It’s like you’re saying “I don’t know how to bake” but what we want to hear is “How do I proof my yeast?” We understand you may have more than one question, but start small and specific.

I’m sorry, but I’m still a beginner and below zero, and I don’t know how to start

Have you not done the other challenges in this backend certification?
If not, then I would suggest starting at the beginning

no this my first challenge

Wait, have you done the other FCC certificates?

no i don’t sir so i need help to start

OK, then you are starting in the middle. You should start at the beginning. Start with the Responsive Web Design certificate. That is much easier and it gradually builds up to the harder stuff.

thank you kevin i will start with this .

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