Ian Curtis Tribute Page Feedback


Please give me your feedback about my tribute page also known as my first everything hahah
any feedback would be really helpful to improve my next projects

thank you all

Hey there, mate.

It looks good, pretty simple to the point. What I’d suggest (be warned, though, I’m not an expert xP) is that you might want to play a bit more with styling, like adding a bit more of color. Even if you keep it monochromatic, which is cool, you can try using different shades to add some contrast, you know?
Also, I’d add a bit of margin/padding to the top, so the title feels less like it’s stuck on the top. Aaaaand I’d just add a different font to the title as well.

Overall, great work. Keep at it!

EDIT: Oh, and I almost missed it: Remember to make the image responsive, so it can adjust to different screen sizes. Always remember to check the page in the browser’s dev mode to have a better view. :slight_smile:

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