Ibadan Introduce yourself to the community

As you join the forum! Introduce yourself to the community.:innocent::raised_hand::brain:

  1. Name
  2. Current Skill Set
  3. Employed or not (Student, NYSC)
  4. How you want to help the community to react it goal
  5. Current status on the freeCodeCamp curriculum
  6. Your plan from now - december 2019

I am the community leader by chance and I want to mentor as many as possible to start a wonderful coding career.

1.Ojo Oluwasetemi
2.JavaScript, Nodejs, React, GraphQL, CSS and HTML
3. Employed
4. Ensure that we Keep It Free with sponsors, Keep It Local - reaching out to more developer in the Ibadan making this community the best place to learn coding, Leaders Mentor Leaders - training leader who will start the IT eco-system of Ibadan.
6. By december 2019, I want be working in a new company as a full stack JS developer with Reactjs and Nodejs. Must have started my podcast.Write article regularly on my gatsbyjs blog

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Hi Everyone,

  1. Muyiwa Obadara
  2. Javascript, HTML, CSS, Python, React
  3. Unemployed

You have completed 289 of 1409 coding challenges.

You have built 1 out of 30 projects.

You have earned 0 out of 6 certifications

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  1. Suulola Oluwaseyi
  2. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, React Native
  3. Employed
  4. Support the community in every way possible - while getting better and helping others to get better

You have completed 572 of 1409 coding challenges.

You have built 15 out of 30 projects.

You have earned 4 out of 6 certifications.

6 Be real good with JavaScript, get a job, help one or two persons learn coding . . .

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Great to finally have this forum​:hugs::+1::+1::+1:

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Welcome brother. Together we rise to the top.

we did it together…

Let go more together and help you get all the 6 certification Muyiwa…If you can put in the effort.

You will be first person to complete the certifications and I can be more proud that you gave in the effort.

  1. Oludare Suulola
  2. JavaScript, python learner
  3. Employed
  4. Get more people involved
  5. First certificate, more than 400 lesson covered.
  6. Cover more algorithm and interview lessons.
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I am very glad that you are part of the pioneers

  1. Chibuzor Efedigbue

  2. JavaScript, React/Redux, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, C++

  3. Employed

  4. Support Setemi to achieve the goal of the meetup/chapter.

  5. Learn Python and Django by the end of the year.

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My G. Welcome a pioneer member with passion for this community like none other.:ok_hand:

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  1. Tiamiyu Sikiru Abidemi
  2. Javascript, Node.Js, Vue.Js, CSS and HTML
  3. Unemployed
  4. Provide support to the community to my possible best by contributing to every aspect of the Community’s development.
  5. You have completed 431 of 1409 coding challenges.

You have built 5 out of 30 projects.

You have earned 1 out of 6 certifications.
6. By Dec. 2019, I want to be working as a Frontend Developer in a new company working with React and Vue and start writing more.

We started the meet-up together while were working at EduLight and we became more than
friends (brother). Together we rise.

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  1. You have completed 405 of 1409 coding challenges.

You have built 6 out of 30 projects.

You have earned 1 out of 6 certifications.

Hi Everyone,

  1. Olajide Joshua,
  2. Html CSS, and Javascript
  3. Unemployed
  4. To Support, Scale with the community and introduce other developers in Ibadan to the community. And also take my freeCodeCamp lesson Serious :slight_smile:
  5. freecodecamp
  6. By December 2019, I want to learn Javascript at its core especially its frameworks (React and Node) and Get a good Job.
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It’s possible to help you reach the goal with more determination and committed effort then we can reach for the top helping to create a community that meets the need of people of Ibadan.

Let reach for the top together.

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I will take note of that and be more determined more than ever. Thanks.

Hello world

  2. JavaScript, Vue, Nodejs and MongoDB
  3. Student
  4. Transit from academia to industry.
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