IBM Call for code

Has anyone checked the problem statements for the IBM call for code? I am personally interested in the Energy sustainability idea under the Take on Climate change topic. I am a newbie to programming but that idea has fascinated me and I want to implement it but lack the skillset to do so. I want some help on how to proceed to successfully implement a solution to that problem. I have provided the link to the problem statement here. It will be very helpful if anyone provides some resources to learn from to upgrade my skill set. Thank you!

there is a tutorial in the page you posted, from which you can start, or the prerequisites says the below, and if you are not familiar with those things you could start from that:

Prerequisites: You should have a basic understanding of calling APIs via HTTP. You could also learn more about using Swagger/OpenAPI. You’ll need an IBM Cloud account, with the latest IBM Cloud tools on your local machine.

Yeah, the tutorial provides a starting point but if suppose I am planning to create an app to implement the solution then how can IBM’s cloud services will help me in the implementation.

try to do the tutorial so you will have an idea…

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