Icon appears on-top of navbar when scrolling?

The grey arrow icon at the top of my page appers on top of my nav bar when I scroll the page down.

Can anyone explain to my why this is happening please?

webpage: https://matward.github.io/yoga-option/

code: https://github.com/MatWard/yoga-option

Many thanks: :slight_smile:

solution 1: give.container-nav a z-index of 1 or more.
solution 2: put .arrow above.sub-heading

Thanks for your reply.
It did’nt work putting it directly above .sub-heading but…I then tried it within the header but above the .container and it worked.
Thanks for your help…:slight_smile:

sorry, you right i checked again and yes above the container not the sub-heading

your advice got me there :thumbsup: