Icons delete some of the buttons space


i’m using macbook, and on safari and chrome the result of adding icons to buttons, in the bootstrap exercise cut my delete button in half. can anyone explain that?

also, on the like button, the word “like” seem to be pushed down by the edge. is there a way to give it a little more space to the end?


Hi there. I think this is one of the exercises that prefers a browser such as Firefox or Google, not Safari. Try installing Google or Firefox and trying out the exercise there.
My understanding was that this page was coded using a windows platform, not a macOS platform, and because of that Safari is most likely unoptimized.
If this code was live on a page, the page should optimize the web elements to suit the users screen resolution and size.

Good luck with freecodecamp!!

  • Dmitry

thanks dmitri. i dont remember what i tried to do then but i used chrome.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to reply.

I still have the same issue even though I am using Chrome. Anybody managed to sort it?