I'd appreciate some feedback on my Pomodoro Clock Project

Hi Everyone,

Can you guys give me some feedback on the format and logic of my Pomodoro Clock project? This is my first time asking for feedback on a project so it would be really helpful to get some pointers on good programming practices.

My project link is:



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@dgebrese Logic is fine and it’s working well. Additionally, you may highlight your countdown time by changing color to focus on. As your logic is complete, you may now redesign the display in a way that users can focus instantly to each part of the project. That’s fine, go ahead .

Working well for me. I’d prefer some lighter colors, but that’s personal preference. One thing i noticed is that there is about a 2 second delay from when i click the ‘Start-Stop’ button until the counter starts. Any specific reason for that delay? When i click the first time, i wasn’t even sure it was working until it started in 2 sec. Also i think it will be beneficial to have the ‘Start-Stop’ button to only be ‘Start’ and then change to ‘Stop’ when the counter is running. Then change back when stopped.

Thanks for the feedback! I haven’t played with the display much. I will tweak the appearance to make it more user friendly.

Thanks for the comments! Yes I noticed the delay too. I cannot figure out the source of the delay. My guess is right at the beginning, the app copies the session and break length values because a user may have changed the default session length before starting the countdown. I am assuming that process is delaying the start. Is there a good tool or method to tell which function is taking too much time?

I agree with your comment on the start-stop button. I will update it to show only one action based on state.

the easiest way might be just adding ‘console.log(Date.now())’ to the beginning or end of each function. by comparing the number of milliseconds it outputs you should be able to detect the part causing the delay.

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Thanks a lot! That helped me figure out that I was displaying the time using non-updated current time variable. Once I used the updated current time (which is decremented by 1 second) to make the display, it works great.

working great now! awesome job!

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