I'd really appreciate some feedback for my Tribute Page + tips for staying focused!

Hey Campers!

If you could give me some feedback on my Tribute Page that’d be grand.


I’ve been ducking in and out of study with FCC for a while now. I finished my tribute page a couple of months ago but looking back I’m struggling to remember my steps exactly. If you have any tips about revision after a long break or how you stay focused and disciplined with your study I’d really appreciate it.


I think you should try to invert the colors and see how it looks:

White, pearl white, or off-white background with black text.

…In color psychology, black’s color meaning is symbolic of mystery, power, elegance, and sophistication. In contrast, the color meaning can also evoke emotions such as sadness and anger.

Overall I think you did an amazing job. :+1:

If you forget how you made the tribute page, remake it.

Yes try the Feynman studie methode. You can Google it and there are some great YouTube video’s about it.

This is great thanks!

Thank you! I’ll give it a try and see. I moved on to the survey form which I found really helped refresh my memory. I’ll get back to the tribute page and let you know how it goes :+1:t4: