Idea for how I could upgrade the freecodecamp app


You all notice how the freecodecamp app gives props after you complete each item?

Ever had the feeling it could give props in a way that is more tuned to your style?

I do every day, sometimes I will struggle with a challenge for an hr and finally complete it, and it feels great. I would love to customize how it gives me props on a challenge, and perhaps have it change based on how long it took…

This is already the kind of thing I build, automated coaching apps… I would LOVE To get my hands on some source code and at least program 10 different kinds of acknowledgement I would like it to give to me… even better if I could share that with you guys, and give you the freedom to customize it to fit your style too…

I am building an app that kind of does that, but I want to embed the thing into freecodecamp for this application…


Hi @jryanhaber, and thanks for your post! Sounds like you have pretty cool ideas! If you are interested in improving FCC or integrating your own ideas, check out our github repository! There is a lot of information on how to contribute to FCC! :smile: