Idea for learn.freecodecamp

Hi! I couldn’t find a good category so I’ll post it here, but sorry if it is the wrong location.

I’ve got a feature request (?) that is best shown on a mock-up (before & after):

In short, I would like the sub-categories of certificates to show when they are finished, just like individual challenges do. So if all challenges that belong to the category are marked as done, the category would get marked too.
It would be helpful to see at glance what is done, but I don’t know how difficult it would be to implement.

On a side note, I love freeCodeCamp, I’m working through my first certificate and it’s been a wonderful experience so far! I admit, this is close to a quality-of-life suggestion, but it’s definitely not meant as a criticism of the way it works now.


I think it’s been long enough to “bump” this suggestion up. :slight_smile: After coming back to FCC after a break, I would appreciate this function more than before as I do not remember what I did/didn’t do!

Maybe open an issue on the GitHub repository? I don’t think they collect feature requests from the forum

Check the beta version: !

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