Idea for my MERN portfolio project

I m kinda bad when it s about inspiration/ideas. I m planning to create a MERN project since I failed to find some jobs so far with my React demo apps. I recently created a landing page which looks nice but I think one “serious” project isn t really enough besides other demo apps. Can I get some ideas? Should I try to create a Spotify clone or something like that or maybe some website with products or something for business in general? Can I get some ideas that employers might like to see?

Hi @Osiris!

You could create an ecommerce store with react and node.

I would also suggest researching junior developer portfolios of those who have been recently employed within the past 6 months to a year. What kind of projects do they have? Look through linkedin or github and see what the project standard is for getting hired. I would look through at least 40-50 portfolios and you will definitely see a theme among all those portfolios.

Hope that helps!

Happy coding!

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