IDEA! Put links to FCC projects on forum's About me section

The About me section in the forum supports Markdown, so why not put links to completed projects there?


That’s a cracking idea.

Next time I get bogged on an irritating bug in my voting app, I’m gonna add these to my forum profile card to feel productive :slight_smile:

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Awesome idea, and I’ve just discovered there’s an About me section! :smile:
@P1xt Codepen is not ok?

Both GitHub export of completed projects and an open API to access camper profiles are in the works. These should make building this feature much easier.

As an extension of this idea, I’ve started adding some FAQ links as well so I can easily find the posts I reference regularly :slight_smile:

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Too bad the user card popup can only hold so much text…
You can also (privately) bookmark posts (hidden in the show more button of the post), but I think of your idea as “public bookmarks” :slight_smile:

I forgot about bookmarks! I actually have some and then forgot to use them :blush:

Maybe they’re more useful for linking to pages outside the forum?

Good stuff, I will be doing the same! Makes the profile a lot more useful.