Ideal Dog Survey Project

Hey guys, finished up my second project for web development finally. Could you guys take a look and see what you think?

I added some tooltips to the checkbox section for more info to been read when you hover over them. What do you think (I think its a cool touch)?

:exclamation: I was checking it out on my phone and it won’t stay fixed to my page so if you could give any suggestions to that, that’d be nice.

:exclamation: Also, I feel like my <@media> tag section in my CSS isn’t working =/ it’s always a pain for me

Thank yew~

It looks good to me. Lot of effort has been put on this. Very good use of tool tips on checkbox items.

I have few minor feedback:

  1. The input fields look very small compared to the label text beside them. You can increase the font size for those and width as well. I tried entering my email in email field, and it filled the input end to end.
  2. For “If Other, please describe” input field, it looks like you have applied “other” class to input field as well. It has applied the padding inside the field and which is causing it to higher width than expected (in my opinion).

Best regards,

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Thanks for looking it over. I definitely have to change up a few things, and your suggestions are a helpful nod in the right direction. Glad you liked the tooltips too!

Overall it looks good to me. Simple, clean design. I like the layout and the font selection. Look appropriate for the subject matter. Please take a look at my personal portfolio and let me know what you think.