Ideal Tech Stack For CMS Website

I want to create a website, which will be dedicated to a particular exam. The website will consist of past papers, syllabus, important questions, but i want the website to be up gradable where i can easily add trending and new topics to the website and also include multiple choice questions related to current issues.

I have looked at gatsby as front end and strapi for the backend. Any ideas in this regard will be appreciated. I have looked at Heroku for the back end but the i have heard that it goes into sleep mode after some time of non activity. Any ideas about tech stack will be appreciated.

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Hi @awaisalidev. Gatsby + Strapi sounds like a good choice to me, especially since Gatsby Cloud has introduced its own hosting CDN. Cheers~

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Are you already into React, Gatsby and Strapi?

If not, I would use a normal CMS like Wordpress or Ghost, because this is set up in like 1hr.

To build this from scratch, you will need a lot of time.

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