Ideas and Feedback for Personal Project: Family Health Challenge

Howdy everyone,

I’m currently building what I have dubbed a ‘Family Health Experiment Board’, for the best explanation of what this is please check out this draft I’ve quickly put together:

In a nut shell, the function of this web app is to track health and lifestyle challenge chosen by and completed by my family members. It replaces a cork-board that sits in our kitchen! (see below)

TLDR: I’d love for some feedback on my use of Flexbox, HTMLing, CSSing and attempts to make it responsive. Any pointers? I’ve just finished the FCC Front-end Cert and I’m cutting my teeth on some personal projects including this one, how am I doing?

Also, if you’ve got a cool idea for additional functionality / interactivity, let me know!

To Elaborate:

For context, the aim of the project is to reignite my parents’ interest and confidence in maintaining their health, in particularly my father’s. My parents want to be healthier, and I’d like to provide them with the motivation and direction that could help them on their way. It’s been an ongoing challenge for the past few years.

In the last month or so, I’ve realised that on my part the approach is totally wrong. I’ll throw information at my Dad and it comes across as out of his reach, or it is simply overwhelming to process. And being told to or forced to do something just creates the wrong kind of energy around it. I think back to High School, I was pretty disenfranchised with most of what I was being taught, then several years later I find myself fascinated with ideas we were discussing and novels I was supposed to be reading at the time.

I think for anyone to make a significant change in their lifestyle and mentality, it has to be of the own inhibition, they have to own it, they have to be invested in it, they have to walk their own path.

This board is some what of a happy middle ground. I can give my family members ideas and encourage them to participate every week. But at the end of the day, they choose the challenge they want to attempt.

I’m hoping it has a snowball effect in terms of their motivation and self confidence. Conquering one small challenge, then trying a harder one, picking up momentum. Challenges becoming experiments, things they want to try out rather than a chore. The end goal is that I’m hoping that eventually my parents don’t maintain some of these habits because they are a challenge on aboard, but because they simply make them feel better. I’m hoping it gives them an attitude and confidence to just try something out for the hell of it,.

What do you guys think of this strategy? Is it fundamentally wrong to intervene in someone else’s lifestyle choices? Does anyone have a similar experience with someone close to them?

Also, if you have any ideas or critiques from the web dev side of things I’d love to hear them.

If you’d think this would be helpful for your family or friends, please feel free to fork my code and remix your own version. The artist I use for the avatars is called Akifune, and she can be found of Fiverr

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Hey guys, I originally posted this in Project Feedback and it seemed to somewhat disappear into oblivion. I’m guessing because that category doesn’t appear on the front page!

If I’ve done something illegal, apologies in advance to the fine moderators of this forum and feel free to banish me back to whence I came!

Being artistically incompetent myself, I am very impressed by your design. It looks good on my phone and on an ipad as well as my laptop though fwiw none of these are very low-res devices.

It’s not apparent from the codepen; how does a participant mark a challenge as done? If you haven’t added that functionality yet, that would be the obvious next step. It would probably require a backend with a database of some sort though you could also get by with cookies or HTML local storage if access from multiple devices/locations isn’t important.

It’s not everyones cup of tea but being able to share completed challenges on social media could be a nice feature. Or a post-it on the board with a daily inspirational quote or health tip? If you’ve done the quote viewer project at fCC those should be easy to add.

If you think about it your app is basically a specialized to-do list so in general I would suggest looking at to-do apps for feature ideas.

Put it all together into a customizable, easy to install package and you could even make some money with this as I can imagine many families (or teams, clubs, companies…) would like to do the something like this.

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I think that your project is a neat idea and off to a good start, but it does indeed belong in the project feedback category - and yes, that does mean it won’t show up on the front page. Nothing personal, that’s just the way we keep things clean around here.

I’m not sure where you are in the whole FCC journey, but this would be a great full-stack application project. When it’s up on Github, you’ll be in a better position to get outside contributions, as well.

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