Ideas for an app I could develop with PHP/MySQL

I felt comfortable enough developing with the Mongo, Express, React and Node stack so I decided to learn some PHP and MySQL to help boost my marketability and show that I could be versatile if need be. Only thing is, I have nothing to put on my resume/portfolio that shows competence in these skills. Any ideas for an app I could build demonstrating this? I already have a working WAMP environment.

We all could use one more To-Do Lists. :slight_smile:

Add WordPress to the mix, and make your own WP To-Do plugin. That’s right up the PHP/mySQL alley.

WP Plugins, APIs, References:

A good starter would be to re-do all FCC projects using PHP and MySQL. A suggestion would be to use Laravel as MVC framework.

Laravel Tutorial (

Wow thanks for the quick responses!l @jamesperrin When you say all projects you mean the micro-service APIs and the full stack projects? I’ll definitely take a look at Laravel. The syntax looks nice and clean.

This can be used for any language. Yes, would try to convert as many FCC projects using the desired language. If the project needs an API, like the Random Quote Machine, then create the needed API using the desired language.

@P1xt Listed some projects to use to build up skills.