Ideas for implementing JS into my websites

Hi All!

I’m following @P1xt new JS 2.0 guide and in Tier 1 there are three projects related to recreating website templates.

The challenge is that I’m having a difficult time coming up with ideas for JS functionality to build into my sites. Especially ones that are not insanely complex. I’m still fairly new to JS and would like to start with simple functionally and build from there with each new project.

At first I thought I could try making a responsive menu, but no… that’s already built into Bootstrap and I’d rather focus on building some custom JS specific to my sites instead of code that is easily accessible in libraries.

So any ideas? I’d love to hear what you guys have :smiley:


Ha I suppose so… I was hoping that I’d get a little more response from the community than this, but I’ll get rid of the JS cdn for Bootstrap and try it out for you P1xt :slight_smile:

Not really sure what else there is to do with JS as I feel like most of the front end design can be done with CSS.

Really though what else would I do with JS when it comes to building a template website. :confused:

When you get to the next set of projects, you will see the benefit of JS dynamically generating html for you.

Next set of projects in P1xts guide?