Ideas for Teaching Platform

What’s up everyone, been on here for a bit but new to the forum so I figured I would open up by posting this on here.

I’m Smootimus, and been on the Gitter portion of fCC for a bit while workin’ my way through the material. Before I joined fCC, tho, I had an idea that I was wanting to put into motion. Since I wasn’t being taken very seriously when I was reaching out for a job (I’m a full time student now), I was planning on putting together a tutorial site where I teach and discuss topics in Computer Science and help facilitate the learning process. I have a ton of ideas of how I wanna approach this and am currently putting together the material. I have the hosting and have a structure built for the website

But the reason for the posting really, I’m curious to see if anyone is interested in possibly helping with this project? Be it just a section contribution or if you would be interested in developing a larger set of instructional, educational material in programming, networking, electronics, IT and how to step into the career? Or just general topics in Computer Science that you would be interested in contributing to a forum such as this?

I’m would love to know how many people, if any would be interested :slight_smile: In both contribution, as well as making use of such a forum