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Hey guys!

I graduated in software engineering about a year ago. I am trying to build myself a portfolio and get me front-end engineering job to start with. So I’ve been dabling a bit and want to build a strong github profile.

I am currently working on udemy course project that makes you build a Javascript weather app.

I am also working on the calculator app.

See I could easily follow the structure layed out here, but I’d much rather skim through it and figure it out myself and build it on my own I feel that way the learning process for me personally is more cemented.

Here is my calculator. Any form of feedback would be highly appreciated! I want to add further features in the future. But now I need to implement overflow handling on the display.

Also aside from the projects mentioned here. Could I get some possible ideas for projects such as these? I’d like to develop a videogame. But I guess this week I’m missing a bit of creativity!

Thanks for all the encouraging words and support. This community is A+.



Good job on the calculator! I like the design a lot. But it will need some more work to cover some edge cases. For example, float numbers with lots of decimal numbers will spill out of the calculator and other operations will return NaN on the screen. Yourself should try your best to break your calculator to cover the edge cases and make the app robust.

Also, If you graduated from software engineering, I think it’s better if you search jobs in SW area rather than web development because traditional SW job pays better and has bit less competition unless you have more passion in web dev :slight_smile:

If you want to develop some games. Check out this youtube channel.

Cheers :slight_smile:

You have a valid point there. What are some Software Engineering languages I could take my time in mastering in and apply for jobs? What are some areas I could master? Any suggestions would be highly appreciated!



I think safe bets are on Java and Python. You should persue fields of AI through Machine learning. Just google them and you will find a lot of resources.

Good luck!

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That basically is what I was already looking to get myself into. I don’t think one can go wrong with python. And I was thinking of start making stuff for my github for python as well :slight_smile: .



This community IS A+.

  1. Watch youtube videos. “How to create responsive nav bar”
  2. Create a project website.
  3. Learn the way to create a nav bar. (
    • )
    • Get a solid understanding of HTML and CSS and don’t listen to people who say you shouldn’t dabble in json and other frameworks and libraries like bootstrap. Theres easier ways to make the things you’re making right now.
    • If you want to get a front end dev job, get a good understanding of html css and javascript and the libraries and that should be your goal.