Ideas to add JS to my portofolio

Hi everyone,

I’m facing a wall in my journey to be a great developper.
I have no problem with HTML nor CSS, i can make decent static website. I’m ok with JS since I have a CS degree and I learned C, C++, C#, Java during 4 years.

The wall i’m facing is: how do I start using my JS knowledge to improve websites.
I’d like to start with my portofolio (still under construction) but i don’t know what to do. May be there is no need for this project but i feel like if recruiters see my portofolio they need to see directly some cool stuff. This is the very beginning.

Any ideas where i can start ?

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there are a plethora of projects you can do with Javascript to include in your portfolio.
You can consider taking on one of the more popular frameworks that rely on Javascript (Angular, Vue, React) and create something with them.

Consider taking a look at CodePen, where people share code snippets of small, independent projects they are doing. You might find something that catches your eye or inspires you to do something else entirely.

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Yeah i now i can make some JS project. This is not really what i want to do. My goal is to improve the websites by integrating JS. Like using JS to display a list by reading JSON instead of hard coding it in html.

The only way to answer the question of how adding JS might improve your portfolio is to first see your portfolio…

I’ve edited my question. You can find the beginning of my portofolio at

I would start by improving the portfolio before worrying about JS.

Here are some random JS ideas:

  1. Change the nav bar on scroll

  2. Animate in elements on scroll.

  3. Implement a tabbed UI, say for the project items.

  4. Implement a modal for the project items that opens when you click for more info.

  5. Parallax using JS.

  6. Implement smooth scrolling with inertia using JS.

  7. Create your own utility libraries for different DOM interactions.

  8. Switch to a framework and do “everything” in JS.

Find something cool you like and implement it

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Thanks! that will be a good start for me.

Can you explain a little bit more the point 7. What could be the interactions ?

A solid way to start using JS without it just being completely arbitrary or climbing up framework mountain would be to convert your existing “project cards” into custom elements aka web components
Web Components

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Beyond Javascript though … the most valuable advice that I can give you is make sure you spell Developer correctly


Hahaha that’s a really good advice, thanks!

I’ll take a look to that, thanks.

If your looking for an easier interface to web components I have been playing around with

I mean building a tiny Jquery like library, or other helper libraries.

Using J’s to do things css just can’t is a good way to show off you’re skills with J’s, but personally, I think finding creative ways to use css in a situation where is is normally used shows off creativity and ability to think outside the box (just my opinion)

I think what is good is to understand beyond dom manipulation and also look into node.js if possible.

Angular is what I would learn if I had time to start from scratch. You can get some great courses off udemy

I’d rather go with React or Vue. But right now i want to improve my pure js skills.