Idk where to start

So I’m trying to build something. This is my first time coding in js. I want to make an abstract webapp for my phone. Basically I want to be able to touch and hold and then release anywhere on my site and a random shape will be generated on my screen. However I don’t know what to even learn for that. I know python and I looked somewhat into Javascript and I wanted to make a project with it. I’ve been looking on various plaves for hours but I’m stuck. Like how do I make shapes? Or how do I track my touches? How do I recognize my holds? And how do I make the canvas or something fit exactly my screen size?

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Hello @bangla,

Just a suggestion, looking at what you’re trying to do, you might want to learn more about ProcessingJS(This is a JavaScript Library, I wouldn’t really recommend learning this first, but just a suggestion). As of drawing something with Pure JavaScript, I don’t really know it’s possible. You might want to learn how to draw shapes using HTML, and manipulate it with JS.

For tracking touches, JavaScript actually already have a way to track it. It’s called TouchEvents. You can Google it. Here’s some recources about it:

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Thanks for the response. I’ll look into them. I was thinking of using anime.js for the shapes.

Yeah, sure… You can try any Canvas JavaScript Library, as long as you stick to it. You don’t want having to much on your hand. Anyways, Stay Safe and Happy Coding!!! :slight_smile:

You can checkout the Canvas tutorials on MDN.