If (college < freecodecamp) { Console.WriteLine('Well College sucks'); }

Hello guys my name is abdullah im a current IT student at college but I know for a fact that this site is teaching me more than my college is doing and thats when you know education is messed up and needs to be fixed ASAP
I can answer any questions you have about web development.

The purpose of a university education is different than the purpose of a platform like Free Code Camp.

Yea they teach you Concepts but they are teaching the old once.

I think it depends on your country/region. Here in Europe, it is all about having a sheet of paper (= degree) to prove that you learned a skill at a certain level. I am not saying it is impossible to find a job without a degree but it is certainly more difficult.

For example, a friend already made a Bachelors CS degree and found a job. He is doing a great job which is why his superiors told him that they would like him to do a masters degree because that way they could put him in a leadership position.

Another benefit is in my eyes that it is easier to work in different countries once you got a university degree because most countries have a special visa for that group

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