If I don't have photoshop what else can I use to build a precise mock up for website?

As the title said… is there any other tool (preferably a free one ) I can build a mock up for the site I wanna do?

Also when planning, do you always have to set your background as 1920x1080 since this is the most popular resolution?

i havent played with this much - so im not sure if it can help, but it looks neat - https://www.draw.io/

thanks but this one is flowcharts…

I prefer a graphic design tool…

GIMP is a powerful and open source graphics editor. I have used it to do website mockups and it had all the features I needed though I admit I’m not a professional designer.

It can read photoshop .PSD files but I’m not sure if it can export them. I know it can handle all the other common web formats such as GIF, JPEG,PNG etc.

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i see. I will learn to use it.
Always know of this, but never tried it myself.


For your resolution question, the answer is no. It is best to go with a fluid design that is responsive for many kinds of screen configurations; desktop, tablets and smartphones - in portrait and landscape mode.


GIMP is really good. But to be honest I think it is the wrong way to ‘start’.

I mean I knew imaging editing/design long before I truly started to get a really better sense of modern HTML5 and CSS layouts.

You might end up endlessly designing a beautiful layout in an image editor, and then not understand really well why the whole design collapses on itself in the browser.

I’d suggest the ‘old school’ graphic designers way of pulling out a notepad, fully designing your ‘block elements’, mock the whole thing up in HTML5/CSS, with just colored backgrounds for each DIV and then when you feel confident it won’t collapse on itself, stuffing it with the right media and images for your carefully plotted design will be super easy.

Perhaps you are already at this level of confidence, just I would not start there.

Some tasks in GIMP might take a little ‘more work’ than in PS, esp the most recent CC editions, but it is an incredibly capable program.


thanks for the insight. I’ve never look at things that way before.

also i found this app too.