If i use someones code but i use in my own way iss that cheating

Build a Product Landing Pagei was doing this task am a new programmer but i was
failing so i decided to use other codes i found on the net is that considered cheating.

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Challenge: Build a Product Landing Page

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I don’t think that’s cheating you’re just using someone’s code to improve your own and I don’t think anyone has become a programmer without at least looking at others code as it helps you understand mistakes in your code and ways to be efficient just don’t make this a habit

Looking at code and using code is not the same thing.

You should not copy code to help you pass the tests. Instead, create a forum thread, post a link to your project and ask for help.

Copying a little CSS you found somewhere just for the style is fine, copying other people’s project code to pass the tests is not.


but if i get the codes and modify them and use them then its okay?

Hi @masezeranotaylor,
if you modify it I don’t see the problem.

A tip, when you get the code, don’t just “copy and paste”, try to understand why the person behind the code did it that way, you’ll see that you’ll learn more. :wave:

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Why do you need to copy code at all? Can you not just look at the code and use that as guidance for the requirements.

What requirements are you not able to pass on your own?

Why not ask for help with your own code instead?


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