If I want to talk to someone from the school - How?

I have done the initial JavaScript area and only read the Plegiarism pledge after doing it. I would like to know if I can reset what I did and do it over? I need to find someone who can do that or if there is a way I can do that. I would like to redo that entire first chapter called JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures if it is possible. Who would I ask to do that?

  • If you haven’t claimed the certificate yet, then you are fine. Just re-do the challenges and then submit your new projects. (Agreeing to the Academic Honesty Pledge should have been a step before claiming the certificate).
  • If you’re talking about the challenges (rather than projects). There isn’t a way to reset all of them in a section.( You can reset your entire account from the settings page.) The plagiarism issue is only really a concern for the projects that you submit for your certificate though.

Thank you ArielleLeslie! I get overwhelmed by all the things to keep track of in todays world of everything electronic and we are supposed to read and remember all the details. I was never on the page with the Academic Honesty Pledge until I had finished the whole first project. my lesson is doing too much alone and not being a good documentation writer. I have not claimed anything and I have not set anything public yet so I should be alright to just reset that whole JavaScript section. I started with that because it is so changed and what I had a theory about doing before I even knew what was done, I will just reset the account. I got into this thinking it was familiar enough and was an easy way to practice some things. I was talking about challenges because that was all I had done. Not even sure what the projects are and I am note a member of GitHub and have never used NodeJS. Just feeling my way but trying not to burn bridges before I have crossed them.


You’re fine. You don’t have to reset anything, but you can if you want to. Every section ends in projects and those are what is relevant for certifications. Just don’t copy other people’s work for the projects.

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