If I were to build an app that was certain to get me hired what would it be?

Advice I would give but have a hard time receiving lol I struggle so much with tests…it a front burner goal of mine to sit down and tackle testing. When I first learned about it, it seemed so complicated and I developed some kind of mental block about it. But I want to learn, its way too important and I really want to do it. I just finished a react/redux project and my next step is to include tests.

Your post reminded me to get a move on with that :slight_smile:

It should be a full stack CRUD app with

  • responsive design
  • authentication
  • deployment in the cloud
  • a front end written in Angular or React
  • restful API
  • proper error handling
  • unit tests on front and back end
  • performant, with good page load speeds and small bundle size
  • written in clean modular code that obeys the single responsibility principle
  • be linted, commented, and clearly documented
  • good UX and accessibility

Design is good, but you sliced the rendering result only and not the total. Pagination is not working properly