If i write the code for the map and send a pr will it be accepted?

I want to bring the map back. I do not like having to click the curriculum link and having to go to a seperate page to go to the previous challenge or to view previous challenges (x) amount of challenges back or forward from the challenge i am completing. I think it was quicker and more convientient without leaving the page i am on to be able to view other challenges without going to other pages, it was like a nice glossary/index . It was more convenient. So what i am asking is if i create the map dropdown and send a pr will it be accepted or will it be in vain?

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Why not post this question in the issues for that repository. See if there interest before you expend effort on it.


Thank you i really shoul now, ok i will. Kinda thought that was what i was doing but i can see its not even close…lol tyty