If you feel like you're struggling to learn, please read this

I don’t exactly remember when I joined the forum on FCC, but I’ve noticed that there are many people struggling not only with the projects, but in learning something new; and I’m referring to the fact that many of us are even suffering from depression or have self doubts about our capabilities on learning to code; we think that we are not good enough or that we are stupid, or that we are wasting our time and should be doing something else. I have not overcome those feelings entirely, but this course I took in coursera helped me a lot in how to approach learning new topics when I was feeling like it was a struggle to learn something new and different, at least now I know why I struggle and how to overcome that, and how my brain works when I’m learning something which I’ve never seen before.

So, for those of you who feel the same way, here’s something I wish I learned back in highschool, Learn how to Learn:

I feel like this course changed my life, I hope that it changes yours too.


@mr2much thank you for saying this. I started FCC two years ago and experiencing just these kind of doubts also found Learning how to Learn on Coursera which indeed changed my life by giving me signposts to new ways of thinking.
I still get my Cheery Friday Greetings Newsletter which told me about a new Course that Dr. Barbara Oakley and Dr. Terry Sejnowski have made and is just starting:

I’ve signed up and am looking forward to it!

I also joined Alexander Kallaway’s #100DaysofCode challenge which has helped me keep up a coding habit.

I find Habitica too is a fun motivational role playing site with supportive learning communities.



hehehe…Yeah I get those friendly reminders too :smiley:

What? a new class? count me in.

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