If you use firefox browser and chrome need you to check my Simon Game

Hi all … hope you can help me out …
Need my Simon game checked in firefox as when I run it in firefox it dosent recognize css grid … even though firefox is supposed to be compatible with css grid.
I dont use firefox I use chrome but was checking out firefox and my css styles failed … so reinstalled firefox and it worked … then tried it today and failed again lol.

Getting errors like this
Error in parsing value for ‘display’. Declaration dropped. main.css:37:11
Unknown property ‘grid-template-columns’. Declaration dropped. main.css:38:23

Also running in to problems now with chrome regarding the sounds not playing/not paying properly
when i created Simon game it ran perfectly in chrome … lately when I looked at site sounds wouldnt play in Chrome but plays the way i expect it to in firefox … so if you could test it in chrome i would be delighted

had sounds set up like
let greenAudio = new Audio(‘https://s3.amazonaws.com/freecodecamp/simonSound1.mp3’)

then called later in function eg greenAudio.play()

had to change slightly just to get even a bad sound as of now … by declaring and calling in the function and not using global

you can find site here http://simonjohnl3.surge.sh/

So just need to know how bad sound is in chrome for you compared to firefox and are css grid styles failing in firefox
thank you

This is what i can see: no errors ( just warnings) in the console, sounds…well’ they’re the sounds provided by the challenge :stuck_out_tongue:

thank you … confused now why grid is failing when i use firefox lol

Ok did a uninstall of firefox and reinstalled and styles working … had two versions showing to uninstall so deleted both
think when i installed new version yesterday and things worked it used new firefox but when i tried today it used old version lol