I'm 16 and I built a game to help celebrate the vaccine

Covid Invaders

I would love to get anyone’s feedback on how I can improve the game :slight_smile:

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Cool, it looks pretty cool.

As far as improving, perhaps some rules would be nice, some kind of explanation of how point work and what kills us.

Also, at the bottom of the screen, the stats and playing area overlap a little.

Still, it looks pretty cool. Post a link to the code if you want a code review.

Thanks Kevin! I really appreciate the feedback.

This is cool, nice job

Thank you Mike! I appreciate it

certainly cooler than whatever i was doing when I was 16

Haha thanks! I’m always excited to work hard.

Loved the game and song.

Hey! Thank you. It took me around 2 months to build it.

looks pretty sweet!

what did you write it in?
could you give us a general overview of how you did it?

Thank you! I wrote it in HTML, CSS, Jquery, and some Python