I'm 36 finally decide for changing career!

First of all sorry with my English. I Just want to tell my story a bit here. I have been working in management since 2013.

I start learning to code since 2010 but never get to make anything because it was kind of hard to understand. But 2013 I got into a Aha moment where everything came into click in when I start to work on a system with VBA script and MsSQL. 2014 I teach myself Web technology. I start with AngularJs and Slim PHP by making invoicing system for my work. I keep teaching myself with PHP, CSM like Wordpress. then move to the backend with Nodejs fullstack with React.

So I decide to leave my job and work per project for friend and others. Then I start to apply to a different company with little portfolio. I get offers from 5 companies here in Cambodia but all are less than the salary I have earned. quite hard to face that. The good thing is that I get all the offers from the interviews and code test.

Finally decide to accept the opportunity close to where I live (with less salary). Its been a week now. I got very good feedback from my team lead as a fast learner.

All I want to say is the opportunity is very big and you can grow really fast if You are really good. Don’t hesitate to make a change if You really passionate about it. You will be offered to work on the big project immediately. Although so much to learn. the good things that you should bring a good understanding of algorithm and data structure. most importantly know how to learn quickly through just reading the codes on your tables.

Oh, I now work mainly with gohugo frontend and VueJs. all new to me.

Edit: 12-May-20, After one month review, my Salary is triple + OT. As a developer, it is so easy to see how much time you code.
Now I have no regret!!!


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Study will make you younger.