I'm a Junior Front-End? And now......

Hi there!
I am a Junior Front-End currently working with Angular as an intern for an IT consulting company and in my spare time, I am learning React and working on a small project.

I really want to find more job opportunities especially abroad considering that I lived outside of my country since 2006.

Could you please suggest me any website, forum, group, or discord where to find job opportunities even for Juniors like me?

If you have any recommendations feel free to share your tips, please.

Thank you

  1. Stackoverflow jobs
  2. Linkedin jobs
  3. Google remote IT jobs websites ( remoteok etc )
  4. Goto top 20 VC funds in the US / Europe and goto their jobs section to apply directly in the startups where they have invested.
  5. Connect on linkedin with Eng. managers / HR from these startups.

All the very best.

Thank you for the help.

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