I'm a new coder who has just begun my tribute page, but I feel a little lost...Is this normal?

@erictan86 @kthoms1 In a completely not-making-you-feel-better form of making you feel better, there are going to come so many days along the road that you will look back fondly at this Tribute Page and say, “Oh, that? That was nothing. Now how the heck am I supposed to do THIS?!!..” But yeah, this is the part of Driver’s Ed where you get out of the classroom and into the car. At this point either you’re about to discover, “Oh, what was I afraid of, that was fine; I spent a couple of days looking stuff up and wondering why it didn’t work and then fixing it, and came out the other side.” Or you’re going to get really stuck, in which case come back here, or maybe look for additional material. But don’t waste time “over-learning” until you actually find out that it’s not working!


This is completely normal! I remember staring at that tribute page in a panic. I had to go back and forth often. I didn’t feel quite “ready” but at the same time, I don’t think I would ever feel ready.

One thing I did do, between the tribute page and the personal website is to go out and find another resource/learning site to complement my fCC learning (I tried Udacity and Treehouse. LOVE Treehouse). I think fCC was VERY helpful, but it seemed fast and I wanted a little more to sink in. Now, I feel comfortable doing the personal website and moving forward with some foundational work solidified. Granted, it’s not a great looking site (yet), but I’m light years ahead of even the tribute page and THAT is every rewarding.

I urge you to try to make your page, move on and in a few weeks of consistent learning and making sites, go back to your first projects. You’ll see how very far you’ve come.