I'm a novice I need help good people

Hello great people, I’m new to this site. I just signed up a few minutes ago.
I have absolutely no idea about coding, programming and stuff.
But I’ll definitely be willing to learn.
Please what are the requirements, procedures, gadget and other things I really need to know as a novice and beginner. Thanks.


why don’t you start the freeCodeCamp curriculum? freecodecamp.org/learn

if you get stuck you can use the ask for help button to create a topic here on the forum


If you’d like to start with HTML/CSS, all you need is a browser and a code editor (many recommend Visual Studio Code)

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im still new here and well getting to learn aswell when u can message me we can keep intouch and talk about our progress.

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@Patrick7701 Go to freecodecamp.org and sign up like @ilenia said. And if you don’t know about coding and programming start from the basic. You can ask anything you don’t know at here. We all are here to answer and explain.


Happy to help, start with freecodecamp curriculum, and when you get stuck, drop your query here. We will teach ya. Happy Coding!


A browser a phone or laptop
we’ll be happy to help you anytime


Not entirely qualified to answer this, but this is what I have learned so far…

Rule 1: It requires time and commitment. If the process of learning and creating doesn’t make you happy don’t do it because it’s not a fast track to success for sure. The process of learning can take years. If the burning passion isn’t there you will probably give up.Rule 2: Don’t be intimidated. It’s not as hard as you think. Rule 3: Go step by step, don’t skip or go backwards. If you try to make your super complicated idea from day one, you will quickly realize that you don’t have the skills and probably be disappointed. Instead have your vision at the back of your mind to know what to learn and try to learn as much as possible in the subject. Rule 4: Start from the basics and be excited with small progress. If you think your project demands c++, php and html start from html. If you start with c++ you will get disappointed and give up. If you learn c++ later when you already have an idea it would be much easier. Rule 5: Ask questions, revisit what you learn and don’t take it personally. If you don’t understand what’s going on with the code, it is not because you are dumb. It’s just because you are simply unaware of a concept. Don’t give up and fill the gaps! Rule 6:Use many resources: Just because you are on codeacademy don’t have to complete it without using other material. If you feel that you are stuck, use other resources to understand what you might have missed. Rule 7:Do as many small projects as possible. By doing many small projects you learn new concepts and practise your pre-existing skills. If you make one big project, the code will become too big and will be harder for you to manipulate the code to see what it does. Rule 8: Focus on the big picture. Yes you might be unable to complete your wild dream for now, but surely you can make it bit by bit. Rule 9: Try to get yourself a team, preferably at the same level. It is always easier to learn and build things faster if you are a part of a team. Imagine building a treehouse on your own. Easy in theory, but in practise, pretty hard right?


use visual studio code for practice
keep practicing always to stay in touch


I’m not that new to coding, but i need help also. Am at the stage of building a tribute page challenge and I don’t know where to start. How to start too, am just stuck in between.


Hi @salakoNBA. That’s very common that there is a guide for that too by our friendly @camperbot!

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yeah, thanks I grap your suggestion. I don’t know how to use vsc. And how do I get the link after finishing the page.

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You need to do this project in CodePen. If you don’t have a CodePen account, please create one and open the link at the bottom of the project instructions in the FCC curriculum that says “fork this pen”. After opening it, you need to click on the “Fork” button at the bottom of the page. Now, that pen will be forked to your account and you can start coding on your webpage.

Please remember that you should not delete the script tag in your code. It is the official FCC test suite and can be used to check whether you pass the test or not.

After you’re done coding, you can go to “Full Page View” in CodePen and copy the link in the browser.

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Oh oh here is my phone number <REDACTED> you can message me on WhatsApp

please to protect your privacy do not post your phone number on a pulbicly viable thread


To gather a team how should the approach go for best results. Rule 9 : Try to get yourself a team, preferably at the same level. It is always easier to learn and build things faster if you are a part of a team.

I’m a novice and just started. I’d LOVE to get involved with a team and am open to any others who are motivated and committed to this course! I hope to meet some really awesome people to work with!

sure thing hows it going im getting ready to start on some tutorials myslef.

In my opinion, it gets harder as people age and become more invested into what they are doing. Don’t try to get people who are invested into different paths to join you. If you have a friend who might share the same passion great, provided that you commit learning together. But if everyone is busy around you, then start alone and join people who follow the same path.

Personally, I have experience in html and CSS for now. I am planning to learn front end and back end programming to create nice applications on the computer. Anyone who shares the same interest can private message me to develop our projects together!

andreasrose Why are u telling me what to do and not to do im not sure why im not allowed to reach out to others who may want to talk about developing i mean theres not alot of activity here and I think maybe u can tell me about the cons of doing it this way. So i can better follow what ur saying. U say bz for who those who want to read something will read it if they are interestead if they want if they dont the skip and carry on to something els. Forgive me if i sound blunt im just not sure how someone can reach their goals without talking to eachother to learn with others about other things. It can inspire eachother but what do i know. I didnt get upset with you but explain cuz most people just block and leave it alone then why say anything at all is what i say. I mean u do u.