I'm a software dev in India and we don't have enough women colleagues here

Hello dear fellow campers,

I had written a post a while back, on another publication - Code like A Girl, In this post I’ve penned my thoughts on the challenges that women face in getting a developer job (especially in a country like India), and what people could possibly do to overcome those.

Here’s the post - The Cultural Conundrums of Women in Tech that we need to be aware of. Please share your thoughts. :slight_smile:


I am from india as well and i totally disagree with you , visit any major IT center in india and almost 50% or more staff is women folks, stop promoting your own blog by spreading wrong information…


Okay - that’s quite rude. Please stop assuming things - I’m not trying to promote my blog here. Maybe you are too quick to jump to conclusions before actually reading through it?

An IT center can offer services or products, Except for startups, in India it is mostly services, wherein lies certain problems that I have discussed in the post,

Having an ‘IT’ job and having a coding job are two different things. I don’t understand what you mean by ‘wrong information’ - please read the references, the numerous surveys and the links to personal anecdotes from other people that I have shared in the post. It’s not me who is saying it. Thousands of other people have similar stories.

Maybe at the organizations that you know of, there are happy women. If so, then I’m glad. But your personal experience does not invalidate the stories of so many other people who have different experiences than those of yours.