I'm asked to complete a demo for a job. Should I do it?

So recently I’ve been applying to jobs. I received an email today and was asked to improve the UI of this page. Ironically my last project is fairly similar.

My question is: When applying for jobs, is it normal to receive such a broad task? I find it surprising that I’m asked to enhance this application from scratch when I’ve already showcased my skills via my portfolio.

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I wouldn’t say that most applications will ask you to do something like this, but it’s also not uncommon.

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I usually meet with tasks / demo jobs, but they don’t involve any real job and is usually suited to test how you structure your code. But since this is about UI, front-end therefore, perhaps it’s even better task.

I would say it’s up to you. If the job is something you’re really interested in then perhaps there’s nothing wrong in doing this task?

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This is a “takehome assignment.” These are increasingly common in the job application process. I personally think they’re a much fairer way to evaluate a candidate’s skills than to make them stand in front of a whiteboard and write out algorithms and data structures.

If you are serious about this job opportunity, I would definitely recommend doing the assignment. The worst case scenario, you got a bit more practice doing front end development.


Thanks everyone! I really appreciate the comments. I’ve already started on the demo :slight_smile:

Being given the chance to show what you can do is a great opportunity. The worst that can happen is that you get a little more practice coding. I’d say, “go for it”.

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I think this adhoc homework is for them to assure that you really can do the work.

There’s so many ready made FCC solution south there right now.

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