I'm at a point where I'm only solving 1/5 on my own, thoughts?

Hi there, I’m midway at the ES6 part of the curriculum and each concept is taking me avg 10 minutes to understand, but only when reviewing other alternatives sources and the solution. The standalone question in the curriculum is not enough get me to the solution.

I do have questions that I’ve been recording in my notes to ask later maybe in one thread.

I’ve been ignoring the thought of thinking “how would I do this on my own and how would I remember these concepts…” because I know understanding is the most important, but I thought I’d just check in to see if this is okay as I’m likely going deeper into more difficult material. Thanks!

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Hi @am93!

That’s a good thing. Looking up documentation, other articles, videos is a healthy way to learn.

You have to remember that you are a beginner.
As am I .

We look things up all the time this is brand new to us.

Even professionals look things up all of the time.
stackoverflow image

So this a normal thing when learning programming.

I was working on the drum machine project for the front end section and had the react docs open the whole time.

If I didn’t have the docs open, I wouldn’t have been able to code as much as I did.

You are doing fine.

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Hey @am93,

I felt the same way when I first started learning to code (this is completely normal). I guess as the say ‘the more you practice, the better you get.’ That being said, if you would like more context on JS I would suggest a few channels on YouTube:

For ES 6: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCwa_xi0Uuc

For other concepts:

These channels have definitely helped me gain more context in later courses (such as Front-End Frameworks).

Hope this helps! Cheers

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10 minutes per concept is lightning fast. If you can keep those concepts in your head, you’ll be mastering things in no time flat, but keep in mind that without practice, some of those concepts will fade away and you’ll have to pick them back up again. It’s always easier the second time though.

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@jwilkins.oboe thank you. You’ve always been helpful!

@SoloR92 really appreciate the recommendations!

@chuckadams thanks, unfortunately though that’s 10 mins to learn exactly what is happening, not to memorize. Yeah that’s what happened with html/css, I finished that curriculum in a faster time because I had learned those at frontend masters before taking them here.

Speaking of reviewing a second time around, how would you suggest doing that? (ie FrontendMasters, projects etc?)

It’s highly unlikely you will just pick up and understand any (even remotely) technical concept the first time you encounter it. And if it remains theoretical and you never use it then you will just forget it again (or it will become rusty).

Anything that lets you use the knowledge will help solidify and retain the knowledge. I would also suggest you redo parts of the fCC curriculum again in say a few months, I’m guessing you will be surprised how much better you understand things and can solve challenges in new and better ways.